Thursday, October 30, 2008


My family has always been very important to me, but since I have moved  I have a stronger appreciation for both my parents and my sister! When you are growing up and going through those awkward teen years and having the "just can't wait to go to college and get out" feeling, you really just don't know how well you have it.  Well I left for a semester and then came home for a year and then tried to leave again and well ended back up in San Antonio. It seemed as much as I wanted to get out of San Antonio I always ended back there. As I have gotten older and matured my sister and I have become extremely close, we are 5 in a half years apart.  She has taught me a lot and has always been there for me when times weren't so good.  I hope she knows how much her friendship, guidance, love and faith in me really means to me. I am so thankful for God choosing her as a my sister and I couldn't have picked a better one! i am so happy she was able to be a part of mine and Zac's special day and was my Matron on Honor. She really is a blessing and I can't wait to spend a girls week with her and my mom in New York in two weeks!! 
My parents are also very dear to me. They have always been there for and guided me in the right direction even when I didn't think it was the right direction. I hope they know how much they mean to me and how I appreciate everything they have done for me! We have had our rough patches but I think they only made us stronger as a family. I know they will continue to be there for as a married woman and will be there for my family when we start one! My dad is hilarious and is a Big Kid at heart and I think that gene got passed down to me! My mom is a little more reserved and very kind hearted and I love that she is that way and passed it on to my sister and I! I would like to think that I have a balanced mixture of both my mom and dad!! They are really great two individuals! Sorry this blog was super long but I had to brag about my wonder family!!! I love them more than they will ever know!!

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Topping Family said...

So sweet. I hope yall had a super tim ethis weekend with your family! Catch up with me Monday sista!