Saturday, August 1, 2009

Modest are we?!

So just to give whoever reads our blog an update on what is new with us! I am going on my 18 week of pregnancy and can't wait to start feeling our lil one kick more! There are times I think I can feel him/her in there but I haven't felt a full blown out kick yet! This is a pic from our 13 week appointment, the pics from our 17 week one didn't turn out as good. We tried to find out the sex early while we had our 17 week appointment but baby Webb decided to be modest! So hopefully we will be able to see next time on Aug 17! I am so ready to find out what our lil one is! Our dr. did think what she saw was boy parts but she couldn't say 100% since she couldn't get a good angle and our lil ones feet were perfectly crossed! I also took my first belly picture a couple weeks ago when I was 16 weeks. I am going to start trying to take a pic each week since I am starting to show now! I have loved every moment of this pregnancy...even the bad parts of nausea! It is such a miracle and blessing to have a child growing inside of you that you and your hubby made along with God! We are so blessed and thankful and can't wait to meet our lil one in Januray!!!! 

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