Thursday, January 8, 2009

date overdue

I was really looking forward to mine and Zac's first NYE as a married couple and couldn't wait to get that first kiss in 2009!! Well, that is not how it happened! We a very uneventful NYE this year! I got sick the night before with that stomach bug that still seems to be making its rounds with everyone. So I was curled up on the couch and Zac got home from work and went straight to work on our plumbing that also decided to give us problems the same night I got sick! Something was backed up.....good thing I married a certified plumber!!!!!! hahahaha!!!!!!! So when he finally decided to give it a rest and try again the next day he was exhausted and I was still just watching the Rockin New Years Eve with Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark! The next thing I know Zac is passed out on the couch from being so tired! The ball dropped at 11 our time and Zac is sleepin, so I decided we should just call it a night and try again next year!! I mean it was nice to be home with my hubby on NYE but just not the way I had imagined!

So since our first NYE was a bust we decided it was time to use our gift card we got for our wedding to Reata!!! That is actually where we had spent NYE last year was at Reata! They have such great food and atmosphere! It is romantic and rustic all in one! It was a date that was so overdue! Since we got married at the end of August it just seems like we have been constantly on the go with holidays or with Zac working. We haven't had much time to just ourselves so that is what we wanted!! We had a great time and when we were done eating we came home and spent the rest of the night playing our wii! We have become addicted I guess you could say, but it is a great way to spend time together and interact too!! So it was a great make-up from our NYE night!!! I am glad I made the reservations when I did so we could both enjoy the great food since I had been sick and then a couple nights after our date Zac got sick with the same thing, so now we have both had it and should now be in the clear! So now we are finally both healthy and Zac fixed the plumbing!!! I love my husband so much and I am so lucky to have a sweet, compassionate and supportive husband!  

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