Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time is just a Flyin

It seems like just yesterday I was feeling the flutters of kicks in my belly and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first sweet little boy! It has now been almost 8 months and the time seems to just be flying!!!!! We have been so busy since Laine has been born. I was hoping for it to slow down but I think it has been in fast forward and I would love it to just be paused! 

We took Laine to Disney this summer for his first trip! A sweet friend of mine got married and we decided to make a vacation out of it, hello you can't go to orlando and not make a trip to Disney! Despite the crowds and heat we had a blast with my parents and sister! Laine even got his first pair of mickey ears! 
Zac has been working crazy hours lately and I feel like I have barely seen him. After we got back from Disney, Laine and I went to stay with my parents for a week to visit with them and see some friends I don't get to always see when we come into town. Even though we spent a week there it still didn't seem like enough time to see everyone. So since I have been back, Zac has either been working late or working out of town....which I am used to working late but not the working out of town. It has been 2 weeks now that he has had to spend a Tues-Thurs in Corsicana. I am so tired of not having him around I miss him like crazy. I know Laine misses him too! I will be so happy when he is done with that job!! 

We also just hit our 2 year Anniversary on the 30th! I can't believe it has already been 2 years since I walked down the aisle and said "i do" to my best friend!!! So much as changed in the 2 years, now we are a family of 3! We can't even imagine what life was like before God blessed us with him! I look forward to spending many more years with Zac, Laine and our future children!!!! 

I am sure this wasn't the most interesting blog, but I thought I would update everyone on what has been going on! I am really going to try and start blogging more! I have missed it! 

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